Operating independently as a publicly held company sinceOperating independently as a publicly held company since1999, OMNOVA Solutions Inc. has over 100 years of polymer andmanufacturing experience dating back to its time with The General Tireand Rubber Company. OMNOVA prides itself on strong, core values andan inventive spirit.OMNOVA works to create innovative polymeric materials for a hostof applications. At a certain facility, during the process of creatingthe polymer as well as other substances, their original baghouse dustcollector was not cleaning well with the sticky materials. This particularfacility of OMNOVA takes emulsions from water and turns them intopolymer powder.“The main reason [to install a Farr Gold Series] was that their oldbaghouse could not clean its bags well enough when they ran theirstickier drilling fluid loss resins,” Len Iacco Jr. of Rolen and Associatessaid. “The bags would be completely caked up and ruined after about12 hours of runtime. Over the years, drilling fluid resins have gone fromone or two of their products to about 75 percent of their production, sorunning them through the fluid bed, faster, helps them out a lot.”The building in which the dust collecting and process handling takesplace spans three, 30-foot high floors.“We had a very old baghouse that took up our entire tower and blewdown in a reverse shake off that was too gentle to get the product out


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