Midwest Railcar Repair, Inc. has beenMidwest Railcar Repair, Inc. has beenservicing the railroad industry for nearly halfa century. Pride and workmanship are thefoundation of the company. By performingall railcar repairs and maintenance in-housethey are able to get high quality jobs donequickly. Being a one-stop shop for railcarsrequires a large facility with a variety ofequipment and machinery being used at thesame time. Welding, grinding, and plasmacuttingwere constant processes being used.Maintaining a clean working environmentfor the employees and the work beingproduced has always been top priority.To prevent dust or fumes from being anissue, company president David Smookstarted researching online for a solution.The large size of the railcars and facilitymade the search challenging. A variety ofdust collection offerings were available fromvarious style dust collectors to numeroussmall collectors being placed from theceilings throughout the facility. Theseoptions added their own maintenance andupkeep issues.


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